IRS Intimidation - Are You Next?

Thank you to everyone who attended and watched our National Town Hall!!! We had about 400 people onsite and another 400-450 that watched live on the web.

You can watch the recorded video by clicking here.

IRS Intimidation- Are You Next?

National Town Hall to Review the Situation and Plan Next Steps

Wednesday, May 29th
The Farm, 239 Anderson Ferry Road, Cincinnati, OH  45248
Dinner will be available beginning at 6:00pm
Meeting will start at 7:00pm

The SouthWest Cincinnati Tea Party will be hosting a national "Town Hall" on the IRS scandal.

The IRS attack on conservative groups and individuals has an impact on all Americans not just those currently targeted.  The government should never have the power to single out individuals for "special" treatment based on what they believe or who they talk to - it's called Freedom of Speech and it is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

This time it was groups that had the audacity to disagree with the president during a reelection year. 
The next time the criteria may include you!


Agenda and tentative speakers:

  • Welcome – George Brunemann
  • IRS Background – The Blaze – Doc Thompson
  • Attacks on the Tea Party
    • Portage County Tea Party – Tom Zawistowski
    • Liberty Township Tea Party and Question #26 – Justin Binik-Thomas
    • Personal Audits – George Brunemann
  • Congressional Action
    • House Judiciary – Steve Chabot
    • Senate Finance – Rob Portman
  • National Action
    • Tea Party Patriots – Jenny Beth Martin
    • FreedomWorks – Greg Fettig
  • Obamacare
    • Republican Doctors Caucus – Brad Wenstrup